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Cattle Photos

This is the opening page to our selection of farm and agricultural stock pictures of cattle and general scenes of cows, bulls and calves, mostly in farm settings. Breeds of which we have 4 or more photos, such as Hereford, are listed as subcategories on their own image pages. Breeds of which we have only a few images are listed in the Other Cattle Breeds category.

These pictures cover mainly temperate climate cattle breeds, including both dairy and beef animals. Most of the photos were taken in New Zealand, where the cattle are almost always raised on grass in fields. There are very few feedlots and cattle are seldom overwintered indoors.


Other Farm Animals


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>Angus Bulls
>Angus Steers
>Angus Cows
>Angus Calves
>Angus Cows and Calves
>Angus Groups and Scenes
Angus - Lowline
Belgian Blue
English Longhorn
Galloway - Belted
Galloway - White
Holstein Friesian
>Holstein Friesian Bulls
>Holstein Friesian Cows
>Holstein Friesian Calves
Murray Grey
Red Poll
Rissington Stabilizer
Santa Gertrudis
Shorthorn - Beef
Shorthorn - Milking
South Devon
Other Cattle Breeds
Beef Cattle Scenes
Dairy Cattle Scenes
General Cattle Scenes

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